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"The Favorite" by Omar Rayyan

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Metal Slug

Steamy enough to be here because Metal Slug is fkn awesome k.

Metal Slug is fucking rad. I miss my Neo Geo :/

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"classical music is boring"


Stravinsky’s rite of spring is about a girl who dances herself to death to appease the Russian god of spring.

When it premiered the crowd got so amped up they opened up a mosh pit in the theater and the night would be forever known as the “riot of spring”

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For me, heaven tastes like chocolate. 🍫

The Vision of the Musical Angel by Francisco Ribalta

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Fernando Ossorio (1830-1862) fue un famoso actor de teatro de mediados del siglo XIX. Especializado tanto en papeles cómicos como de galán, cosechó grandes éxitos hasta su temprana muerte. Según la prensa de la época sus últimas palabras fueron “¡Dale! ¡Dale! ¡Bravo! ¡Bravo!”. Probablemente recordaba alguno de sus triunfos en la escena.

(vía Biblioteca Nacional)

Fernando Ossorio (1830-1862) was a famous stage actor in the mid-19th century. Specializing in comedic roles as a gallant, he garnered great success before his early death. According to the press of the time his last words were, “[Come! Come! Bravo! Bravo! ]”. One can probably recall some of his triumphs in the scene[s seen above].’

Ossorio, not to be confused with the famed protagonist of Pio Baroja’s novel , was born in Cádiz on 15 April, 1830, enjoyed a successful career in the Andalusian theater, and died 26 April, 1862 in Madrid, where he was buried [x].

Any suggestions for Netflix tonight?

" Don’t do anything by half. If you love someone, love them with all your soul. When you go to work, work your ass off. When you hate someone, hate them until it hurts. "

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