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ronald andrés moore

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Queen Kelly (1929) Gloria Swanson

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If you’re unemployed, it’s not because there isn’t any work.

Just look around: A housing shortage, crime, pollution; we need better schools and parks. Whatever our needs, they all require work. And as long as we have unsatisfied needs, there’s work to be done.

So ask yourself, what kind of world has work but no jobs? It’s a world where work is not related to satisfying our needs, a world where work is only related to satisfying the profit needs of business.

This country was not built by the huge corporations or government bureaucracies. It was built by people who work. And, it is working people who should control the work to be done. Yet, as long as employment is tied to somebody else’s profits, the work won’t get done.

Was expecting classist bullshit, got the exact opposite

This is so ubelievably important and I hate that I have to keep re-explaining it to people.

I was ready to be mad and then I was not hah

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Grilled Watermelon Salad (at Back Alley Bistro)

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