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About the author


Discover the chilling world of the Empyrean through the writing of Ronald Andrés Moore.


His first book, NOCTURN: Book, the First, takes you on an unsettling journey you'll never forget.

Caribbean-born Venezuelan-American storyteller, Ronald Andrés Moore crafts dark and uncanny fiction. His passion for stories started at a young age. Growing up in a multicultural family and traveling extensively throughout his life, he developed a unique perspective on the world. This curiosity and fascination with the unknown and unknowable led him to explore the darker side of fiction, creating worlds that challenge and engage readers.


With the Empyrean Cycle, he has created a cohesive pocket universe that blends paranormal horror and dark fantasy into a thrilling adventure.


Join him on this journey into the Empyrean and discover the wonders and horrors that lie within.

Because he was an introverted and anxious child, his parents entered him in artistic programs to help him come out his shell. 

He has since competed in public speaking, studied classical guitar, theater and even won awards for his signature mustache.

He was an Americana/Roots and folk musician for 15 years with his band, Barnstormers, where he was able to share the stage with the likes of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, Hank III, Murder by Death, Josh Tillman and the Alabama Shakes.

Like many creatives, his day-to-day work has been in the service industry since 2001. He has owned and managed several small businesses in the industry from a coffee shop, to a bar & bistro and consulting business, to miniature golf and a theater space. 

Though he has held many roles over the years in the service industry, from dishwasher to server and from manager to owner, the title in which he has taken most pride throughout an accidental career is that of bartender.


In 2022, Ron moved to snowy Vermont with the love of his life and partner, Lenore along with their dog Fenrir. 

Ronnie, Linny and Fenny all hope you enjoy the book. Please always feel free to send us a message! 

Happy reading!

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