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Praise for Ronald Andrés Moore

Mr. Moore has created a riveting tale that I believe any fan of Vampires (they're vicious, just like I like 'em), historical fiction, claustrophobic horror, suave Van-Helsing-type Vampyre Hunters, and the little orphan inside us all will enjoy greatly.

S.C. Parris -

This novel is weird. It will make you consider the ways we imagine other-worldly beings, their thoughts, and their motives as we read. It offers glimpses of their imagined consciousnesses and synthesizes the best elements of novels and films like Orwell's 1984, Night Shyamalan's The Village, and Grahame-Smith's Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. Readers seeking a deeper, creepier, vivid vampiric experience will find it in NOCTURN.

Goodreads review

Ronald Andres Moore has based this imaginative and gripping vampire tale in a most unique setting, a gritty mining town during the American Civil War. I thoroughly enjoyed not only the fine writing but the twist Moore’s given that makes this novel different from most of the vampire genre. As a new age of vampires begins to unfold, we meet Michael, a freshly-bitten vampire who’s just learning how to suck blood, and a host of intriguing humans whose only hope is to convince him to join them. If you enjoy vampire tales, you’re not likely to find a better one than Nocturn!

Homer Hickam - author of Rocket Boys

At it's heart, this book is so much more than JUST vampires. Many a supernatural creature makes an appearance, villains galore, a cursed town, brave little orphans who you can't help putting all your hope in, and an unlikely hero, fighting a fate that was forced upon him. Needless to say, this is not your typical vampire fantasy, at least it wasn't to me. It was a truly unique reading experience, and I'm seriously looking forward to another book so that I can continue the journey with characters I came to know, some in hate, some in love.

Goodreads review

This is truly an engrossing book from a great author. The variety of characters and the richness of their descriptions makes the reader feel completely immersed in the town of Breton. There is never a full moment in this book, and readers will be invested in the storyline of each and every character.

Amazon review

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